Sometimes the scariest thing about riding a bike is the not knowing. Not knowing if you can handle the technical terrain, not knowing if you can make the jump or not knowing if you can clean the climb.

Our qualified coaches and guides are on hand to give beginners and experienced riders as much, or as little tuition as they need to build confidence and get you over you personal hurdles.

About Our Skills and Thrills Package

It is a common misconception that everybody can ride a bike, yes most people can jump on and manage to pedal and stop that’s true, off-road riding, however, will throw up features and obstacles you won’t have encountered before.

To overcome these and to enhance your riding pleasure it is necessary to perform a number of different skills. Developing a solid skill set will improve your confidence and have you riding trails you never thought possible in no time at all.

We offer three different skill days, Introductory, Core and Trail rider. Each follows a natural progression and the days can be linked together if desired. If you don’t feel you fall into the category of a listed course contact us to discuss your exact needs.

Our Options

Introduction to Mountain Biking

This course is ideal for those who are new to mountain biking or those who simply need a refresher.

Topics Covered

Clothing and equipment, bike set up, pre-ride checks, mechanics, use of gears, effective braking, cornering, climbing and descending, neutral and active body positions, unweighting and line choice.

Core Skills

Core Skills is aimed at people who have been riding for some time and reached a plateau, it will improve your confidence and kick-start progression.

Topics Covered

Neutral and active body position, unweighting, track stands manual/power assisted front wheel lifts, rear wheel lift.

Trail Rider Skills

Trail rider skills take you up another level. The trail rider day is for the enthusiastic improver and regular mountain bikers who have a good range and understanding of the core skills.

Topics Covered

Stepovers, step ups/downs, bunny hops, advanced cornering and pumping the trail.


Introduction / Core / Trail Rider — Booked as single 8 hour sessions – €85

Introduction & Core or Core & Trail Rider – 2 days / 16 hours – €160

Introduction & Core & Trail Rider – 3 days / 24 hours – €210